Monday, January 29, 2018

Scaling the Monolith: Crawling through Bandcamp

Happy New Year, young kvltists. It has been a while.

It's 2018, another year beyond creation and closer to collapse. Or, more accurately with cosmic forces besides, it's another year in music for me, providing the most consistent metric by which I might gauge my life. That metric has been crumbling of late - 2017 saw fewer explorations, fewer adventures, fewer excitements to jar me from my comfortable shell. Only a single show was attended,  only a handful of releases were samples, and nothing was written. Like so many others, last year was one of smuggling, clawing, fighting, and barely making it through to the other side, leaving scant shreds of time for other pursuits.

2018, then, must bring some balance back, and it is in that spirit that I came back to Bandcamp.

At the beginning of January, I decided to go under, surging beneath Bandcamp's lush and ominous waves with a fury, adding entire labels worths of albums to my collection, hungrily tagging and cataloging each item meticulously.

The Kvlt will serve as a basin for the sweet produce of my searching, where I might collect my thoughts throughout the process and share particular albums, labels, and bands of note. Already, several groups have made considerable impressions on me, and I am eager to share.

For fanatics, you can look at all the acquisitions on my list on Rate Your Music.

We welcome 2018 with fire, fury, song, and eyes turned inwards.

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